Assessing Flame Radiation to External Targets from Liquid Pool Fires (1999)

Engineering Guide: Assessing Flame Radiation to External Targets from Pool Fires

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 1999
Pages: 40 ISBN: 978-0-925223-00-5

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This engineering guide provides methods for assessing the impact of radiation from pool fire sources to potential targets. The goal of this guide is to provide methods for calculating safe separation distances between fire sources and potential targets that would be damaged or adversely affected by radiation from the fire. The methods in this engineering guide include a range of levels of detail and rigor. Some methods are most appropriate for very crude initial hazard assessments while the more detailed methods are capable of better predictions, through with more engineering effort required. Where source-to-target separations already exist and a simple method demonstrates that the separation is far more than required for safety, it may not be necessary to perform a more rigorous analysis. In other more critical applications, the highest accuracy methods available are required.

The methods included in this engineering guide have been studied by the SFPE Task Group on Engineering Practices and have been assessed for applicability and accuracy. The methods are described fully, the assumptions inherent in the methods are identified, limits of applicability are assessed, and available input data and data sources are identified. The accuracy of the methods is examined through comparisons of the methods with available experimental data.