Code Official's Guide to Performance-Based Design Review (2004)

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 123

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This guide provides resources to enforcement officials and others who may have to judge the adequacy of:

  • Performance‐based fire protection designs that are prepared to meet performance‐based codes
  • Designs that are prepared as equivalencies to prescriptive‐based code requirements
  • Designs intended to meet objectives that exceed those contained in a code or standard (e.g., business interruption, protection of contents, etc.) 

This guide intends to identify the type of items that an enforcement official should consider when reviewing a performance‐based design.

The following topics are discussed in the guide:

  • Roles and responsibilities of design team members
  • The review process and review options available to code officials
  • Identification of design fire scenarios
  • Reviewing design documents
  • Change of use/bounding conditions
  • Managing changes to the design, and much more.