Membership and Chapter Relations Standing Committee

Scope of Work

The Standing Committee on Membership and Chapters (CMC) is responsible for the recruitment, retention and inclusion of members as well as recognizing member achievements; as well as awareness of services for allied professionals (code enforcement community), students and special interest groups. Committee members receive recommendations of fire protection engineers or related professionals to consider recognition for their stature or significant, noteworthy accomplishments. The Committee fosters communication among chapters, HQ and the Board of Directors. The Committee is also responsible for helping in the formation of new chapters, creating stronger ties between the chapter and SFPE and identifying opportunities for the chapters to help in disseminating SFPE news and information that is relevant to their constituencies.

Committee Members

Committee members are appointed by the SFPE Board of Directors for a three-year term. Members can request to be appointed to a second three-year term. Requests are reviewed by the Chair and the staff liaison and decisions are made by the Board of Directors. End of term is denoted in parentheses below.

Committee Chair: Bill Koffel
Committee Vice Chair: Jared Thibodaux
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

Kathleen Almand (2021)
Clay Aler (2021)
Paul Anslow (2021)
Aries Arevalo (2023)
Ahmed Ali Awadallah (2023)
Babek Bahrani (2020)
Jonathan Bernal*(2023)
Hubert Biteau (2023)
Ray Bizal (2022)
Byron Briese (2021)
Julie Brown (2024)
Glenn Buser (2021)
Mary Button (2024)
Bruce Campbell (2021)
Jeremy Chang (2023)
Thomas Christman (2022)
William Clay (2021)
Brian Cohen (2020)
Anthony Cole (2021)
Jon Corbett (2023)
Brad Cronin (2022)
Matthew Daelhousen (2022)
Preety Moni Doley*(2023)
Gary Dominguez (2022)
Sean Donohue (2021)
Matthew Drewello (2021)
Derek Duval (2021)
Frank Ellis (2022)
Salvador Erivez (2023)
R. Keith Fairfax (2021)
Daniel Finnegan
Doug Fisher (2021)
Thomas Forsythe (2021)
Dave Frable (2021)
Doug Frey
Deborah Freeland (2021)
Ray Freemont, Jr. (2022)
Meghan Goodwin (2020)
Tom Goss
Thomas Gray (2021)
Dong Han (2023)
Robert Hanson (2021)
Chris Harner (2024)
Timothy Hawthorne (2021)
Mike Hennegan (2021)
Steve Hill (2021)
Gavin Horn (2021)
Bryan Hoskins (2020)
Diana Hugue (2021)
David Jacoby (2021)
Gregory Jakubowski (2021)
Bradford James (2021)
Dale Jenkins (2020)
Joseph Johnson (2021)
Nicholas Johnson (2023)
Diana Jones (2023)
Thomas Jones III (2023)
Mary Jorgensen (2021)
Elizabeth Kallman (2023)
Jack Kilavuz (2020)
Shahpoor Khosravi (2023)
Erica Kuligowski (2023)
George Laverick (2021)
Robert Lopez (2024)
Shay Massey (2022)
Brian Meurer (2023)
Alex Miear
Andrew Milliken(2021)
Renato Molina (2023)
Jeri Morey (2021)
David Morrisset*(2021)
Elizabeth Mullin (2021)
Elton Soon Kuan Ng (2022)
Chris Olmstead (2023)
Kevin O'Neill (2023)
Kelly Opert (2021)
Melinda Pfenning (2021)
Thomas Platt (2021)
Christine Pongratz
Katie Pothier
Edward Prendergast
Richard Reitberger (2021)
Robert Richter (2020)
Ron Rispoli (2024)
Anna Santoro* (2021)
Ankit Sharma (2021)
Steve Sheldon (2021)
Saif Ahmad Siddiqui (2022)
Adrienne Slattery (2023)
Sarge Slicer (2021)
Victoria Smith (2023)
Jared Thibodaux (2023)
Mahesh Kumar Tiwari (2024)
Tracy Vecchiarelli (2022)
Steven Venditti (2021)
Craig Vesely (2021)
Thomas Wright (2021)
Dave Young (2021)
Chao Zhang (2023)

* = Student Member



Scope of Work

The Awards Subcommittee reviews the nominations and makes selection of awards for final approval by the SFPE Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Craig Vesely
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

  • Raymond Bizal
  • Tom Christman
  • Thomas Forsythe
  • Stephen Hill
  • Shay Massey
  • Jared Thibodaux

Chapter Relations

Scope of Work

This Subcommittee is responsible for looking at ways to strengthen and better align the Society’s mission with the work of the chapters.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Timothy A. Hawthorne
Vice Chair: William Clay
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

  • Paul Anslow
  • Aries Arevalo
  • William Clay
  • Sean Donohue
  • Derek Duval
  • Doug Fisher
  • Deborah Freeland
  • Jeri Morey
  • Kelly Opert
  • Ankit Sharma* 
  • Steve Sheldon
  • Sarge Slicer
  • Mahesh Kumar Tiwari
  • Tracy Vecchiarelli

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

Scope of Work

This Subcommittee is responsible scope will be to create and ensure that our Society is a diverse and inclusive one. This subcommittee will look at our policies, procedures, programs, events, and services to ensure that we are creating and providing a welcoming and professional environment for all our membership and the community that we serve. 

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Elizabeth Mullin
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

  • Ahmed Ali Awadallah
  • Jonathan Bernal
  • Hubert Biteau
  • Jeremy Chang
  • Will Clay
  • Preety Moni Doley
  • Salvador Erivez
  • Dong Han
  • Nicholas Johnson
  • Diana Jones
  • Amanda Kimball
  • Shahpoor Khosravi
  • Erica Kuligowski
  • Renato Molina
  • Victoria Smith
  • Adrienne Slattery
  • Chao Zhang

Fire Service

Scope of Work

This subcommittee is a diverse group of SFPE members that all have an interest in the advancing cooperation and communication between the fire service and the fire protection engineering profession. Working with research, emerging trends, and hot topics, where applicable, engineering information is transferred to the fire service.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Brad Cronin
Subcommittee Co-Chair: Frank Ellis
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

  • Byron Briese
  • Anthony Cole
  • Jon Corbett
  • Gary Dominguez
  • R Keith Fairfax
  • Daniel Finnegan
  • Douglas Frey
  • Gavin Horn
  • David Jacoby
  • Gregory Jakubowski
  • Robert Lopez
  • Brian Meurer
  • Andrew Milliken
  • Chris Olmstead
  • Tom Platt
  • Edward Prendergast
  • Ron Rispoli
  • Steven Venditti

Membership Growth and Engagement

Scope of Work

This Subcommittee is responsible for looking at ways to recruit new Society members through campaigns and marketing. This Subcommittee also is responsible for reviewing member services to ensure the Society has a strong value proposition to ensure retention of members.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Sean S. Donohue
Vice Chair: Mary Jorgensen
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon
  • Derek Duval
  • Meghan Goodwin
  • Robert Hanson
  • Jack Kilavuz
  • Elizabeth Mullin
  • Kevin O'Neill
  • Kelly Opert


Scope of Work

This Subcommittee evaluates applications for Professional Member against the membership criteria in the SFPE Constitution and Bylaws. The Subcommittee evaluates nominations for the grade of Fellow and makes selections for final approval by the SFPE Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Sarge Slicer
Vice Chair: Deborah Freeland
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon
  • Clay Aler
  • Glenn Buser
  • Matt Daelhousen
  • Matthew Drewello
  • Dave Frable
  • Deborah Freeland
  • Thomas Gray
  • George Laverick
  • Richard Reitberger
  • Steven Sheldon
  • Thomas Wright

Student Outreach

Scope of work

This subcommittee helps developing materials that can be used to help students learn about fire protection engineering. Volunteer members work with student outreach programs such as the annual Future City Competition and bi-annual Engineering and Science Festival. Materials and resources are gathered to disseminate to middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students.

Committee Members

Subcommittee Chair: Matthew Daelhousen 
Subcommittee Co-Chair: Greg Jakubowski
Staff Liaison: Julie Gordon

  • Kathleen Almand
  • Babak Bahrani
  • Julie Brown
  • Mary Button
  • Brian Cohen
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Marcin Cisek
  • Anthony Cole
  • Derek Duval
  • R Keith Fairfax
  • Tom Goss
  • Chris Harner
  • Mike Hennegan
  • Bryan Hoskins
  • Diana Hugue
  • Thomas Jones III
  • Elizabeth Kallman
  • Alex Miear
  • Andrew Milliken
  • Christine Pongratz
  • Katie Pothier
  • Robert Richter
  • Dave Young

To join a Standing Committee or Subcommittee fill out and submit this volunteer application. The Board of Directors will review applications and make appointments on a rolling basis.