Individual Member

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Becoming an individual member is the first step to SFPE membership and is the Society’s most popular membership level. Individual membership includes any person who supports the goals and objectives of the Society, regardless of educational and professional background. 

Membership starts immediately upon completing the online membership application and submission of $225 USD (less than $20 per month!) in annual dues.


*If you were previously a student member then inquire into our new graduate membership, allowing you to pay $75 per year in membership dues for your first three years after graduation.

*If you have completed a four-year degree in engineering and a minimum of four years of practice indicative of growth in engineering competency and achievement (or a graduate degree in engineering with three years of practice), then you should immediately apply for Professional Membership (PMSFPE) here.  The SFPE Qualifications Committee reviews applications on a quarterly basis, so you will enjoy the benefits of Individual Membership until approved.